Small Sculptures
Traditionally sculpture is a part of the curriculum at the College and a lot of graduates become sculptors. Small sculpture occupies an important place in the school museum. These works always have their own character, their mood, their philosophy. Only the deep-thinking person can create a table sculpture based on the works of Hemingway, to capture the metal of his childhood memories of Pippi Longstocking and Mary Poppins, show the national character of Russian and Turkmen musicians buffoons ... The images of old legends in those sculptures.
Small sculpture is made by modern casting equipment, but it is the man who resuscitates it with the idea.  The author implements in his project the Russian cultural tradition, literature and his own viewpoint. Fine details, complex shapes and various reliefs even in small size are the advantages of casting. That is why when graduates choose casting technique for their diploma project they prefer small sculptures.
Any visitor of the College museum can find an interesting character who he would like to "talk" to. It’s exciting to try to guess the artist’s ideas expressed in metal.